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Precut Window Tint Kits

Lil Tint Shop is Maryland’s top source for automotive, commercial, and residential precut window tint kits. Our kits are designed to be easily installed for the average do-it-yourselfer and include professional tint film, an applicator squeegee, and a tint knife.

Contact us for assistance with ordering precut window tint kits for your automobile, business, or home.

Types of Kits Available

We have kits for both automobile and architectural applications:

tint plotter cutting window film

Automotive Tint Kits

All of our precut auto tint kits come with SunTek Carbon window film that is computer cut to fit the windows on your vehicle. This eliminates the hassle of cutting film prior to installation, avoids issues like jagged edges, and reduces waste.

Unlike the cheap tint film found at big-box stores, SunTek Carbon film comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty against fading or color change. When choosing a precut auto tint kit from Lil Tint Shop, you can be sure you are getting a high-quality product that will look great.

commercial building with window tint

Commercial/Residential Tint Kits

If you are interested in window tint film for your home or business, our precut window tint kits are perfect for a quick do-it-yourself project. We can cut window tint to the specifications you need, for a custom fit on any window.

Our commercial and residential kits are packaged with SunTek Architectural window film, which is manufactured specifically for the type of glass and windows found in your home or business.

Choosing a DIY Tint Kit

One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a DIY tint kit from a professional tint shop is the quality of the materials you receive. The window films and tinting tools are the same ones that we use in our own shop!

You may be tempted to buy the cheap $15 roll of tint film from you local auto parts shop or big-box retail store, but the sub-par quality of the film will likely cost you money in the long run, especially when it turns purple in a few months. Even worse, purchasing the wrong type of tint for your needs can cause damage to your windows and result in expensive repairs (never apply automotive window film to windows in your home or business).

Our tint kits come with high-quality SunTek window film, which will not fade or change color and is precut to fit the windows in your vehicle, home, or business. This makes the installation process easier and tends to provide better results.


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