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Is there any window tint maintenance that I must perform?

Tinting the windows on your vehicle can dramatically enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Many of our customers comment on how their car looks completely different after we finish an install. In order to keep your windows looking there best, there are a few things about window tint maintenance that you must remember;

The Three Golden Rules for New Tint

  1. DO NOT lower your windows for 72 hours.
  2. DO NOT try to clean your windows for 72 hours.
  3. DO NOT clean your windows with an ammonia-based products.

Lowering Your Windows

The most important thing to remember after tinting your windows is to keep them closed for 72 hours after your tint is installed.  This is the most important thing to remember about window tint maintenance.

Window tint is a thin film with an adhesive backing, which requires a solution of soapy water to prevent the adhesive from immediately bonding to the glass. A small amount of solution remains under the film and must dry before the tint film is securely held in place.

Lowering your windows before this solution has dried out could cause the tint film to move!

If you need help remembering, ask us to place tape over your window switches after the installation is completed.

NO Cleaning!

Like above, attempting to clean you windows before the remaining solution dries could cause the tint film to shift. You may notice some cloudiness or haziness after tinting is complete. This is normal and will clear up as the remaining solution dries out.

We will clean your windows during the tint installation process!

NO Ammonia!

Ammonia-based cleaning products can cause window tint film to degrade and can void the manufacturers warranty! When cleaning your windows, be sure to select a product that contains no ammonia.  A vinegar and water solution for cleaning, followed by a microfiber cloth for buffing is all you should need to maintain your window tint.