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Security & Privacy Window Film

Window films are capable of increasing the level of security and privacy in both residential and commercial applications.  While standard window tint provides a number of benefits, security and privacy window films are designed to provide additional defense against damage from natural disasters, prevent theft, or to block visibility all together.

At Lil Tint Shop, we are experts in the application of privacy and security window films. Whether you are looking to protect valuables in your home or business or provide privacy for your bathroom or office conference room, we can provide the products and services that fit your needs.

Benefits of Security Window Film

There are a number of benefits that security window film provides for both residential and commercial buildings;

tinted glass that is broken

Security window film dramatically increases the strength of glass, which can help prevent crime and injury in the event of breakage.  These films are thicker and use much stronger adhesives that provide an additional barrier of protection for your home or business.

storm clouds

Storms and other natural disasters can produce hail, strong winds, and airborne debris that can damage your home or business. Even if a window breaks, security window film helps to keep glass in place to prevent further damage and potential injury from shattered glass.

Benefits of Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film can breathe new life into dull spaces, while keeping prying eyes away from sensitive information and areas. There are numerous benefits that privacy films provide;

an eye

When used in areas such as bathrooms, conference rooms, or other office spaces, privacy window film obscures vision without blocking light. The increased privacy from these window films can help avoid unwanted interference and increase personal space in office areas.


Privacy window film can add a unique design to any space for a fraction of the cost of custom glass. Transform your office space with a clean, modern design or add a custom look to your kitchen cabinets and glass table top. Designs are limited only by your imagination.

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